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Green Bling: Jewelry Made From Recycled Materials

Bling. The Urban Dictionary has two pages of definitions-15 in all-for the word "bling". It's one of those words I really detest, but here I am using it because well, it fits. It has a couple of definitions but has come to mean jewelry and baubles-usually flashy ones.

So what's green bling?

Otherwise known as ecologically and socially responsible jewelry, green bling is made from organic, "green", or recycled materials. Bamboo bangles or recycled gold or aluminum complete with artificially created diamonds (real diamonds are obtained from destructive mining practices) and other stones or the torque cuff bracelets that Frank Gehry recently designed for Tiffany. The cuff bracelets are made from pernambuco wood, black gold, and cacholong stone. They are organic in shape, i.e. curved and irregular-not the perfect ovals or circles that cuffs are usually designed as.

I suppose vintage jewelry especially the chunky and clunky big gold stuff circa 1940s and 1950s. Even the stuff from the 1970s, which was pretty bizarre, would also fall under the green bling category. Delicate is definitely not what bling is all about. No Victorian seed pearl necklaces or delicate diamond swags from the Edwardian or Belle Epoque period.

Green bling runs the gamut from modern or industrialized in design to elegant. Your choice.

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