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Monday, June 23, 2008

Saying No to Plastic

Sad to say, we live in a plastic society and this is a tough one to conquer. Although my family lives a fairly green lifestyle, I am still amazed at the number of household items we own that are made from plastic, and lately I've taken some steps to eliminate plastic from our lives.

What I've done to get rid of the plastic in our house is eliminate the vinyl shower curtain liner and replaced it with a linen one. I'm on the hunt for a natural tub mat, but I'm not sure one exists. I may have to compromise for now because I need an extra long mat for safety reasons. I've replaced plastic juice pitchers and plastic food storage containers with glass ones. I highly recommend these 40.5 ounce (1.25 qt.) Frigoverre pitchers (made in Italy by Bormioli Rocco) and these round Pyrex glass storage containers from Corning, made in the USA.

I have also tried to cut down significantly on plastic toys, a more difficult but not impossible task these days. Melissa & Doug have a lot of wood play items such as the Fold & Go Barn and Portable Dollhouse, both of which I purchased for my girls. Plan Toys is another eco-friendly company that makes play sets from a renewable resource, plantation grown rubber trees.

I also bought a natural rubber yoga mat, which is absolutely fantastic. What have you done to eliminate plastic from your life?

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